Saturday, June 16, 2012

Welcome to the weekend...

The Quarter. Where it happens.

Here's the deal. We like food. Well, OK, we *LOVE* food. But exactly how many times can a person eat at Applebee's before they start wanting more? We live exactly 30 miles from what is arguably one of the culinary capitals of the world (New Orleans).

Hence, the challenge: Try a new restaurant one of us has never eaten at each weekend. Don't stop until all options have been exhausted. So far we are five weeks in.

We thought it would be fun to let Internet denizens in on our little food exploration / experiment, so we created this blog.

I'm Renee. I write most of the blog content. Along for the journey are Tyler, my husband; and Milt, my brother. They'll chime in every now and again when I'm not trying to get inside their heads *for* them.

Check back often as we take you on a tour (and point out the good, bad and ugly) of our new WEEKEND RATIONS!

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